Multimedia Engineer and Advertising Project Manager for Canal+ Group, I'm specialized in IS and New Technologies.
Interactive Portfolio
  full-flash website 2006
Myinteractive IMAC portfolio, begins to become a little old, but it was looking pretty cool in 2006. With this website, I learnt the Flash possibility about XML files.

Website bac+2
  portfolio full-flash 2006

A this time, I was a good Action script programmer, that's why I've made my first multimedia website. Thanks to this website, I found a job in Maximiles where I was both Game designer and Game developper.

Motion Capture
  C++ with camera calibration
R&D. All is on the website of you project : http://motioncaptureumlv.free.fr

"Ecole à l'Hopital" Association ("school in hospital")
  A website to help an association
We did it in 2003... It looks pretty old but when I'm looking at this website, I always have a certain nostalgia. So, I must promote the association by putting the link here : http://eah.free.fr

Linear Filtration
  Physical matters
jeu 3D
Website treating linear filtrations and of theirs applications into videos

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