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Multimedia Engineer and Advertising Project Manager for Canal+ Group, I'm specialized in IS and New Technologies.
Professional Experiences

puce.pngSpecialized in New Technologies (Internet, Media, Embedded SoftWares...), High Tech and Information Systems, I'm able to do both technical and functional works.

puce.pngWith my technical skills and my facination for analysis and communication, I'm able to give advices in every works which needs relationship, creativity and technical abilities.

Advertising Project Manager

Since February 2011

My role within the Canal+ ISD  is to carry information system modernization projects. This requires precise coordination of different actors of the project (development and test cells, deployment, BI, contractors...)

  • Environnement : Project Managment Team, IS Modernization
  • Responsabilités : Projects coordination, Impact management (technical and functional), maintenance of the existing.

Acquired skills :
+ Project Management (coordination especially)
+ risk management
+ Technical and functional expertise on advertising systems
+ Oracle 10 : SQL - PL/SQL
+ J2EE

IT Project Manager - Functional Analyst (System U)

Since october 2008 (CDI)

Working close to the marketing team, we are in charge of more than 850 clients' websites. In the team, my role is to answer and analyse clients' needs, and to be manage evolutions and deliveries.

  • Environment : BEA Portal Weblogic (J2EE)
  • Responsabilities : Team and delivery management, Functional analysis (specifications with costs...)

Acquired Skills:
+ Project and Team Management
+ Functional specifications
+ Framework J2EE & application server: BEA Portal Weblogic

IT Consultant - Technical analyst

February-October 2008 (CDI)

Logica is in charge of Sephora France Website. My job was to managed technical matters (plateform...)  and to develop some of the evolutions.

  • Technologies : ATG Commerce / J2EE
  • Responsabilities : production delivery, technical analysis

Acquired Skills :
+ J2EE et ATG Commerce
+ Technical specifications

IT Consultant - SOA Developper - Unilog LogicaCMG (SFR)

Since Septembre 2007 (CDI)

In a French Leader Telecom Operator (SFR), we had to rebuilt in Java J2EE the "Sales and Subscription"  Information System (which was in C / C++). The mission is all about  webservices. I learn a lot of things in three different domains :

  • Conception and Architecture : Design pattern (stub, factory...) and UML
  • Development : Java J2EE in Websphere Application (EJB, Spring and JUnit, DAO and JDBC, Struts)
  • Test processes (in a development context and in a application use context).

Acquired Skills :
+ SAO, web services, WAS (WebSphere Application Server)
+ Design Patterns , UML
+ Java J2EE , Spring, JUnit, log4J, EJB, SOAP (XML RPC)
+ basic knowledge in Oracle, Struts and Hibernate


IT consultant - Roll Out Coordinator , Unilog LogicaCMG (Renault)

2007 : 6 months

As an IT consultant (Unilog LogicaCMG), I was working on "Warranty and Guarantee Contracts" on behalf of Renault Corporation. I was in charge of softwares evolutions and incidents.

I also work as Roll Out Coordinator for deployements in Korea an Brazil. It was a very exciting and interesting experience because I was using professional english for the first time.

Finally, my technical profil permit me to contribute to ameliorate the internal process, by creating a new capitalization tool (a CMS based on Joomla, modified and adapted to all Unilog LogicaCMG Project)

Acquired skills :
+ Project management : analyze of the needs, conditions of contract, tests
+ methods and test softwares
+ Deployement : communication, english
+ Improvement of processes
POO and Online games Teacher - Marne-La-Vallée University
February- May 2007

During my student life, I had the opportunity to teach POO and flash animation to the Multimedia Licence pupils (third year).
That was very exciting because it was a dream for me to teach other people...

Acquired skills :
+ Preparation of lessons
+ Preparation of tests and exams
+ Pedagogy
+ 20 hours

R&D developper - Embedded Softwares - Impleosoft (France)

2006 : 4 months

The mission aims to developp a content viewer (video, advertising) for mobilphones with Java J2ME. Before having learnt the language, I realized a "practicability plan" and a conditions of contract document.
I've worked on both Research part and development part during the whole period of training period. The development of innovative softwares is a very rewarding experience, because there is a real creation process.

Acquired skills :
+ UML & Design Pattern
+ Java J2SE
+ Self learning(J2ME)
+ Analyse of the needs, writing of functionals specifications

Online game creator - Maximiles (France)


2004 : 3 months

Two missions :
- to think and to developp two online games for CIC an Bred
- to create an animation for Maximiles Partners.

I 've worked on one Coca Cola website, and I was in charge of XHTML and php update on several websites.
It was a good opportunity to show both artistic and programmer skills.

Acquired Skills :
+ Macromedia Flash 8 et Action Script 2
+ HTML, PHP, flash/php/javascript communication
+ Illustration, webdesign


Multimedia Developper - Alcyria (France)
2003, 2 months

During my training period in my DUT SRC, I was very skilled in flash animation and webdesign. I works on several online publicities, websites templates, datas updates...

That was my first professionnal experience in computer science and communication (visual, content writing, Internet). I've learned FLash, action script, XHTML and DHTML... 

Acquired Skills :
+ Flash (publicity)




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