Multimedia Engineer and Advertising Project Manager for Canal+ Group, I'm specialized in IS and New Technologies.
Design in 2003
  First steps with Flash and photoshop

This multimedia product was a full-flash website that I've done in 2003. It was a project of illustration...


"Glamour et pop art"
  Some drawings and photoshop works...
jeu 3D
Instants of loneliness, inspiration, every moments must be put in benefit, and that's why art exists. Let us elate our senses !

See some exemples

Online Flash Games for Maximiles (BRED, CIC, Coca Cola)
  One curse game and one shoot game
Here is a game competitions website that I have accomplished in 2004 as for CIC, partner of Maximiles : my beginning in programming Action Script 2 and in flash / php communication.

Play the games

Animation for Maximiles' partners
  dynamic loaders and Flash..

Sea, sun and beach... What an amazing landscape to celebrate Maximiles partners birthday. Ever if I was using Flash for many years, I was not very skilled in Photoshop...

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