Multimedia Engineer and Advertising Project Manager for Canal+ Group, I'm specialized in IS and New Technologies.
Android development
  Java, Android API, Mobile Advertising API, ...

Here are some of my mobile apps. They are not really pretty but it keeps me to be up to date on what's happenning in mobile technologies.

See my apps on the Android Market.

Augmented Reality with Flash
  Flash, Flex, Papervision3D et Flar

Always be aware of new technologies...
On these videos, you can see what will arrive in close future on the web: augmented reality (made to inject virtual elements into the real)

After software Metro on Iphone, it is in the turn of Flash and the web to put on there.

See the videos

JiraInspector : widget for Jira
  Flex & Air, actionscript 3

Many IT projects use bug tracking softwares (especially for application maintenance projects).

Bugzilla , Mantis , Jira are three famous softwares that are very useful to communicate and track bugs.

JiraInspector is a widget that permit you to simply see your Jira filters on your desktop. Everything can be configured : tabs, colors, update timer...

Amel Viewer - content viewer software on mobil technologies
  J2ME (low level)
jeu 3D
A content viewer software witch works on mobilphone and PDA. That was my R&D mission when I was a Impleosoft developper. This software is totally free and open source.

Motion Capture Software (with only 2 video cameras)
  R&D - C++ with camera calibration

It was an R&D project in collaboration with the University of Marne-La-Vallée. We made 80 percent of a Motion Capture Software witch was using only two video cameras. You can find more details on your website :http://motioncaptureumlv.free.fr

Foxracer - A multiplayer car driver experience
  C++ with SDL and open GL

This was a great project : 30 pupils, 3 modules, 3 months. Each person was in one of this three parts : HUD and Network, environement, vehicule.

See the video

Simulation of a moving gelatine - mass / spring System
  C : Application of mathematical expressions and realization of a little physical simulation engine

A very small plan which consisted in simulating the movements of a gelatine in 2D on a not flat floor. One of the first project where we have applied mathematical expressions with OpenGL (graphic library C ++).

Video games - pathfinding / 2D engine
  C++ / openGL : Research of the shortest way, and various applications of existent video games technologies
jeu 3D
It was the first video game that I programmed with C ++ and openGL. The aim of this project was to apply the basic algorithms of standard video games.

Online flash game for Maximiles (BRED, CIC, Coca Cola)
  One curse game and one shoot game
Here is a game competitions website that I have accomplished in 2004 as for CIC, partner of Maximiles : my beginning in programming Action Script 2 and in flash / php communication.

Play the games

video game - Spygame
  Flash : game engine and Illustration
That was a relly cool project that we have implemented in flash : scenario, game design, illustration, game engine... All that is needed to have a good time when they are five motivated young persons.
The purpose of the game is to seep through in one serviceman camps to find the murderer of a mysterious person. This game will make you travel in space and time. In brief : camps serviceman, medieval war, country of the raising sun...
Play this game

Some freeware I've done
  Java, php... All those little script that can help in your everyday life
+ ImageRenamer : A little freeware witch rename your hollydays pictures...

ADT - Never Winter Night Module
  NWN Development module

Website of our "Venturers of Troy" module for Neverwinternight. I participate as MP and Map Creator.

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